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Our Specialties

  • Commercial Law (debt claims)

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Damages

  • Sports Law

Commercial Law (debt claims)

Derecho MercantilDebt claims may not only allow recovery of the amount of debt, but can recover the amount of value added tax, VAT. Furthermore, it may include the total amount of unpaid deductible as an expense in the income statement and therefore the corporate tax, which depending on the outcome of the tax may be obtained 25% or 30% of the unpaid invoice.

Bankruptcy Law

AeH bankruptcy lawyers and economists are common administrators appointed by the Commercial Courts.

Also, the academic training (Masters in bankruptcy law) and the extensive experience as business consultants, determine that lawyers of cash-strapped companies, pursuant to the provisions of the Insolvency Act, apply bankruptcy proceedings.

The current bankruptcy law permits the filing of the bankruptcy of both companies (legal persons), as well as individuals.

For hard-pressed debtors, the bankruptcy achieves the suspension of judicial proceedings, unifies all claims in a single process, lets you remove up to 50% and waits of up to five years to reasonably pay the debt.

Companies creditors, whose claims have been included in a bankruptcy process of one of their debtors, may include the total amount of unpaid deductible as an expense in the income statement and therefore the corporate tax, which, depending on the result of the tax , you can get 25% or 30% of the unpaid invoice.


Accident compensation

The Insurance Contract Act recognizes the right to free choice of counsel in any policy written with any insurance company.

The free choice of counsel for his defense representation in both the judicial and extrajudicial, is highly recommended, as attorney’s fees that you use will be paid by your insurance company ( check the policy limit).

Free choice of lawyer will ensure greater independence in their interests, having no reciprocity with other companies, otherwise you do not have, because insurance companies have agreements between them, and sometimes the expenses you have incurred as a consequence of the fault of another driver, just pay your own insurance company, but not the fault of the other company.

This means that such agreements have the status of the surgery as economically as possible, as they are in return sometimes have to make payments against their policyholders about companies that have signed agreements with others, which also paid the expenses of its policyholders, invoking the reciprocity agreement.


Compensation for medical negligence

Errors and medical malpractice allow claims for liability. Also, in most cases, it also requires financial liability to the Health Authorities concerned.

Sports Law

AeH Lawyers have several Masters in Sports Law, who thanks to their academic and professional training, and empathy with the Sports Authority, facilitate relationships with:

  • National and international federations of all sports (REEF, FIFA, FEB, FIBA).
  • CSD (Sports Spanish Council).
  • International Olympic Committee.
  • Professional leagues and amateurs.
  • Ministries of sport all over the world.